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Create a Full-HD Photo Slideshow on Mac

By Thomas Yuan

HDTV are poplar nowadays

HDTV are popular nowadays

The HDTV’s price is dropped recently, most people replace their old CRT TV with a big screen HDTV.  You can enjoy  movie or Television program in HD now.  However, most HD source is 720p, and the HDTV can play 1080p videos.

Most HDTV has a USB port, but most people just ignore it.  In fact, the USB port has some interesting thing you could do.

Today, I will introduce software to use your HDTV’s  USB port, and I promise  you will say “wow..” when you play with it.


Most HDTV support HDTV 1080p

This new software name is “HD Slideshow Maker”, you can download it free from http://www.hdslideshowmaker.com . It can help you create stunning photo slideshow show movie from your photo collections, and then you can show these photos in as higher as 1080p on your HDTV to your family or friends.

This piece of software is very easy to use, just add your photos and music, the slideshow is ready to play.

The next step you need in order to be able to play on HDTV is to export to slideshow to a photo movie and copy to a USB drive, then plug-in HDTV’s USB port to play.

The software also support uploading to YouTube and Facebook.

Download URL:

Download HD Slideshow Maker

Download HD Slideshow Maker



screen shot of HD Slideshow Maker

HD Slideshow Maker


Step-by-step Guide to Create Flash Slideshow on Mac OS X

By Thomas Yuan

Mac OS Log

Step-by-step Guide to Create Flash Slideshow on Mac OS X

To embed a dynamic slideshow on your own website or blog is a great idea to make your website or blog more attractive. In this guide, I will show you how to create your own Flash slideshow by yourself.

Create Flash Slideshow on Mac

Create Flash Slideshow on Mac

3D Flash template

3D Flash template

What you need:

  • Flash Slideshow Maker for Mac
  • Your own website FTP access
  • Some great photos or images

What you DO NOT need:

  • Adobe Flash software
  • Flash Actionscript coding
  • help from others

OK, Let’s go.

Step 1: Download Flash Slideshow Maker for Mac

Flash Slideshow Maker for Mac is a shareware, you can have a free trial with a watermark added to the photos. If you want to remove the watermark, it cost you $39.95.

Download link:

Download Flash Slideshow for Mac

Download Flash Slideshow Maker for Mac

Step 2: Add your photos

Add Photo to Create Flash Slideshow on Mac

Add Photo to Create Flash Slideshow on Mac

After downloading Flash Slideshow Maker, just run it, you will see the photo organizing interface, just select your photos and drag to the software.

Step 3: Select Flash template

The software have more than 60 flash templates, you just select and you can review the flash instantly.

Flash template for slideshow

Flash template for slideshow

Another 3D Flash template:

3D Flash template for slideshow

3D Flash template for slideshow

Step 4: Customize Flash template

When you select a Flash template style, you may need to change the color, Flash width, height etc. This program has some preset theme for each template.

preset flash slideshow template

preset flash slideshow template

And you can click the customize button to change the settings to fit your website style.

customize flash template

customize flash template

Step 5: Publish the Flash and embed into your own website or blog.

After publishing, you need to upload all the output files and sub-folders to your website server, and copy and paste the code section then insert into your own web page.

publish flash slideshow

publish flash slideshow

Some Useful Adobe Flash XML Slideshow

Using XML file to let the Flash slideshow loading external images is a good way to show photo gallery online. If you embed all photo files in a single SWF file, the flash SWF file will be very large and not suitable for presenting on your website.

While using XML, the Slideshow Flash can stream the photos one by one, and the end user or vistors of your website will get better experience while loading your webpage.


Here are some useful links to create your own Flash Slideshow by yourself.


Jquery and photo scrolling slideshow

Using Jquery to build a Javascript photo slideshow is an ideal way to show your photos on website.

Here are some Jquery Slideshow Demo :


Top 20+ jQuery Slideshow and Image Gallery Tutorials


37 Fresh jQuery Image And Gallery Display Solutions


15 Amazing jQuery Image Gallery/Slideshow Plugins and Tutorials

From Wiki:

jQuery is a cross-browser JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML.[1] It was released in January 2006 at BarCamp NYC by John Resig. Used by over 43% of the 10,000 most visited websites, jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library in use today.[2][3]

jQuery is free, open source software, dual-licensed under the MIT License and the GNU General Public License, Version 2.[4] jQuery’s syntax is designed to make it easier to navigate a document, select DOM elements, create animations, handle events, and develop Ajax applications. jQuery also provides capabilities for developers to create plugins on top of the JavaScript library. Using these facilities, developers are able to create abstractions for low-level interaction and animation, advanced effects and high-level, theme-able widgets. This contributes to the creation of powerful and dynamic web pages.

Add iTunes music for slideshow background music

iTunes music files are protected aac files, you could not use them as a Flash slideshow background music. All you need to do first is to convert the iTunes protected AAC to MP3, then you can use the mp3 file for your flash project.

iTunes protected aac files have .m4p file extensions, so they are called M4P files too. This website site introduces a m4p to mp3 converter software which can be used to convert the iTunes music to MP3.

This is a screenshot from their website:

M4p to mp3 software screenshot

Actually, this software installs a virtual cd, when you burn your iTunes playlist to this virtual devices, you can get the files unlocked.

Flash slideshow software for Mac

By Thomas Yuan

Flash Slideshow Maker   is a Mac software that can turn photos, images into dynamic Flash presentation. It uses preset templates to build Flash. No Flash programming knowledge is required.

To create a dynamic Flash slide show, it only need 3 steps.

step 1. Select the photo /images you want to used in the Flash.  With Flash slideshow Maker,  the photos can be dragged from Finder.

Flash Slideshow Maker for Mac screenshot

step 2. Select a Flash template. Flash Slideshow Maker has packaged with lots of Flash templates, such as Flash banner, web slide show and 3D flashs.

step 3. The selected Flash template can be customized to fit your own website style. There is a customization panel to edit the Flash.

Then you can get the professional-looking Flash by clicking the <Publish> button.

Flash Slideshow Maker for Mac can be downloaded from its website: http://mac.flash-slideshow-maker.com