Flash Slideshow guide for Mac OS X users

By Thomas Yuan

The best photo slideshow App – Photo Slideshow Director HD – has released version 4.5.

New Features included Dropbox and SkyDrive Support.

For more info, please visit: http://www.ipad-slideshow.com

A sample video made by this App:

Customer Reviews on AppStore:

Makes Amazing Slideshows With Ease! ★★★★★

by HisWorkmanship – Version 4.2 – Sep 2, 2012

Great app! Makes it extremely easy to create slideshows on my iPad. The ability to draw directly on your slides and place stencils on them lets you be very creative! Recently had an inquiry from the developer and they responded promptly!

Great app ★★★★★

by luckynot – Version 4.2 – Sep 1, 2012

Out of all the apps I’ve downloaded, this is absolutely my favorite.

Excellent ★★★★★

by Lvchoralman – Version 4.2 – Aug 27, 2012

Very easy to use. Excellent app. Highly recommended!

Cool Tool ★★★★★

by jck0001 – Version 4.1 – Aug 14, 2012

Been looking for a slide show app, this one works very well. Wanted to customize background to black and loop slideshow of recent travels. Easy to do, works well. Output on TV is optimized and my guests enjoyed my travel photos.

Great App ★★★★★

by Seeker7775 – Version 4.1 – Aug 5, 2012

There are corresponding applications for PCs that cost 30 dollars plus. It has a good amount of features; as long as your not making a Hollywood movie, you should be good.

Easy to use, good quality, buy it! ★★★★★

by D123 – Version 4.1 – Aug 1, 2012

This app has good features, easy to use interface, good editing engine, transitions, soundtrack options and a few styles to choose from. All I can say is this is great for photographers and to share with family. If I could ask for one thing, it would be for more styles, or user-editable options for backgrounds. Overall a highly recommended app, well worth the purchase price.

Great App ★★★★★

by PhotoJT – Version 4.1 – Jul 11, 2012

The best slideshow app I have found for the IPad and the support is very helpful and prompt.

Awesome ★★★★★

by Nikon D7000 Photoshoot – Version 4.1 – Jul 10, 2012

I just downloaded this app a couple of days ago and it is totally awesome. Just did a 250 picture slideshow with music and fixed pic right on the app and was able to move the pictures where I needed them and synced to music ( 9 songs ). First time doing a slideshow and because of this app it turned out great, highly recommended! One side note is that with that many pictures export took a very long time to do.

The Best! ★★★★★

by Ron10cents – Version 4.1 – Jul 8, 2012

This is by far the best slideshow prep App I have tried, and I have tried several. It is very intuitive, and has been able to easily do everything I have attempted, ie, reorder (slides & music), discard,edit pics, etc. thank goodness I don’t have to try out any more—-I can’t believe there is a better one out there.


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