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Free iPhone Slideshow App

By Thomas Yuan

Slideshow+ Free for iPhone

Free iPhone Slideshow App

Free iPhone Slideshow App

Free iPhone Slideshow App

Free iPhone Slideshow App

Slideshow+ Free is a photo slideshow iPhone app that lets you use iPhone to organize photos,music and create stunning slideshow. It features lots of dynamic transition effects and can play on HDTV at hi-resolution of 1280×720 while connecting your iPhone and HDTV with Apple Digital AV adaptor and HDMI cable or Apple VGA Adapter. It’s an idea tool for you to share your great photos with family and friends on big screen HDTV with iPhone, it is also a great app for you to present your business photos quickly and easily.

Key Features:

1. Export to video files

Encoding photo slideshow to MP4 movie at a very high speed with super quality. With the exported video, you can copy to USB driver and plug in your HDTV and play. You can share with your friends on YouTube, Facebook etc. With AppleTV, you can also Airplay the slideshow video on TV.

2. Ready for HDTV output

Slideshow+ Free is ready for playing slideshow on HDTV. Just connect your iPhone and HDTV with Apple Digital AV adaptor and HDMI cable or Apple VGA Adapter and the slideshow will display on HDTV with hi-resolution of 1280×720. Your photos will looks so great with highest quality on big TV screen.

3. Make Picasa slideshow

If you are a Picasa fan, Slideshow+ Free can build an attractive slideshow from your album photos. Just with a few taps.

4. Make photo slideshow on iPhone easily

iPhone Free Slideshow+ app

iPhone Free Slideshow+ app

With taps and drags on iPhone, you can turn your photo collections, Picasa photos and music into live and dynamic slideshow with ease. With slideshow themes, you just need to add photos and music then your slideshow is ready for showing. You can also add text narration, adjust transition effects and drag to arrange photo orders to customize slideshow.

5. HD full screen slideshow presentation

Slideshow+ Free is designed to show the best quality of your photos, all photos are processed with highest quality settings and played with best result.


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