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How to Convert Apple iTunes Music to MP3

iTunes to MP3

iTunes to MP3 Guide

Audio files stored in the iTunes music library are usually in AAC format, some music files are protected AAC, which are not compatible with softwares and devices which are not from Apple Inc.. Such files need to be converted to MP3 format to be played on Non-Apple’s product. The conversion is a three-step process. First, burn the music to a CD. Second, import the music from the CD, encoding it to MP3. Third, play the newly-converted files in any software ( of course, include Flash Slideshow softwares) or devices that you like.

If you have lots of iTunes music file to convert, there is a shareware named “TuneClone” which installs a virtual CD writer and can let you convert them automatically. You can download a free trial on http://m4ptomp3.tuneclone.com.

To Burn iTunes Music to a CD

iTunes to MP3 Guide

iTunes to MP3 Guide

Start the iTunes software, and navigate to the Library, using the Source list on the left.
Click the + (plus) button in the bottom left to create a new playlist, and type a descriptive name for the playlist.
From the list of songs in the pane on the right, select and drag the music you wish to convert to the playlist you just created.
Click on the playlist in the Source list, and verify that the correct songs appear in the list to the right.
Insert a blank CD-R or CD-RW in your CD burner, and click the Burn Disc button in the top right of the window.
Allow the burn process to complete.
If you wish, you may discard the new playlist.

To Import the CD in MP3 Format

Convert iTunes AAC to MP3

Convert iTunes AAC to MP3

Using the iTunes software, go to the Edit menu, and select the Preferences item.
Select the Importing tab.
From the Import Using dropdown box, select MP3 Encoder. Leave the Setting dropdown at High Quality (160 kbps).
Click OK to close the preferences dialog.
Insert the newly-burned CD into the computer’s CD-ROM drive.
iTunes should notice the presence of a CD, and may present a list of CD titles to choose from, so it can fill in the track titles.
The contents of the CD should be displayed in the right-hand pane. Click the Import button in the top right.
Wait while iTunes imports and converts the contents of the CD. Depending on the speed of your CD-ROM drive, this can take up to 30 minutes.
After the import is finished, verify that the imported tracks appear in the Library.

To play the music as you like

Play iTunes Music on BlackBerry

Play iTunes Music on BlackBerry

You can now play the newly converted mp3 in any way you like, on any devices that can play MP3.


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