Flash Slideshow guide for Mac OS X users

By Thomas Yuan

Flash Slideshow Maker   is a Mac software that can turn photos, images into dynamic Flash presentation. It uses preset templates to build Flash. No Flash programming knowledge is required.

To create a dynamic Flash slide show, it only need 3 steps.

step 1. Select the photo /images you want to used in the Flash.  With Flash slideshow Maker,  the photos can be dragged from Finder.

Flash Slideshow Maker for Mac screenshot

step 2. Select a Flash template. Flash Slideshow Maker has packaged with lots of Flash templates, such as Flash banner, web slide show and 3D flashs.

step 3. The selected Flash template can be customized to fit your own website style. There is a customization panel to edit the Flash.

Then you can get the professional-looking Flash by clicking the <Publish> button.

Flash Slideshow Maker for Mac can be downloaded from its website: http://mac.flash-slideshow-maker.com


Comments on: "Flash slideshow software for Mac" (1)

  1. Jan Ruano said:

    can I develop a slideshow and place it on a my website that I have through Homestead?

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